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As far as is known, AMDave is...

AMDave's known best World Ranking in a project is #8 on XtremLab (first run) in 2005.

AMDave's total BOINC credits for past projects is 152,014,551.92

Achievements within the Team
Year Project Rank
 2016  Poem@Home 2nd 
 2015  BOINC@Fiit 2nd 
 Rioja Science 2nd 
 2014  Beal@Home 3rd 
 Ideologias@Home 3rd 
 RenderFarm.fi 10th 
 Russian Words Compatibility 1st 
 2013  Physics@Home 2nd 
 2012  DNETC@Home 8th 
 Mersenne@Home 4th 
 2011  AndrOINC 4th 
 2009  3x+1@Home 5th 
 APS@Home 7th 
 Artificial Intelligence System 14th 
 BRaTS@Home 1st 
 Cels@Home (first run) 6th 
 D2OL 40th 
 NQueens@Home 13th 
 Proteins@Home 23rd 
 Reversi 7th 
 Sudoku 6th 
 Traveling Salesman Problem 4th 
 TSC 27th 
 2006  D2OL (Phase 1) 25th 
 HashClash 18th 
 Red Library DLV 5th 
 Shoft@Home 4th 
 Tiny Key Counter (Unknown) 
 TSC (Phase 1) 27th 
 2005  ChessBrain (Stage 3) 10th 
 Find-a-Drug 23rd 
 Grub 22nd 
 SETI@Home (Classic) 10th 
 XtremLab (first run) 2nd 
 ZetaGrid 8th 

Achievements in projects without teams support


AMD Users Competitions
Date Competition Rank
 Feb 2012  NPLB Rally 2012-02-18 3rd 
 Apr 2011  NPLB Rally 2011-04-04 2nd 
 Jan 2011  NPLB Rally 2011-01-03 5th 
 Aug 2010  Goodbye DynaPing! 1st 
 Aug 2010  NPLB Rally 2010-08-12 3rd 
 Aug 2010  Newer Project 5th 
 Aug 2010  August at Aqua 12th 
 Jul 2010  DynaPing Challenge 3rd 
 Jun 2010  NPLB Rally 2010-06-04 3rd 
 Apr 2010  NPLB Rally 2010-04-30 4th 
 Apr 2009  NPLB Rally 2009-04-17 4th 
 Jan 2009  NPLB Rally 2009-01-23 3rd 
 May 2006  Boinc Championship 2006 (Pharmers) 20th 
 May 2006  Boinc Championship 2006 (Regulars) 23rd 
 Mar 2005  Performance Contest 2005 (various) 

Special Achievements

Special achievements are unique and personal conquests accomplished through Distributed Computing. Prime numbers are one example of this, as it can be very hard and time consuming to find and prove very large prime numbers.

Primes Found
 Length (digits) 
 Extra Info 
 Jun 2011  7603x2^1050875-1  316349  Link to Prime 
 May 2011  3465x2^815397-1  245463  Link to Prime 
 May 2011  6963x2^813371-1  244853  Link to Prime 
 Jan 2011  705x2^963099-1  289925  Link to Prime 
 Apr 2009  1491x2^538543-1  162121  Link to Prime 
 Jan 2009  1473x2^381363-1  114805  Link to Prime 

Other Achievements

Other achievements consist of personal achievements extrapolated from the past projects data. Total BOINC credits are an example of such.

Current Boinc Projects Stats

Due to the technical difficulties inherent in synchronizing and spreading the Cross Project ID across multiple projects, a user may sometimes have several distinct Cross Project ID's, which results in multiple entries in the users database, and therefore, multiple different stats entries for the same individual instead of a single one with all projects.

BOINC stats for AMDave

Current non-Boinc Projects Stats

Here are presented the stats signatures for non-BOINC projects that support them, either officially or through third party websites. Note that only a fraction of the existing non-BOINC projects is actually supported through stats signatures and can be displayed.

Marmot Project

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