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The AMD Users distributed computing team is a group of personal computer users who like to donate computing time, that would otherwise be unused, to help the development and completion of scientific projects based on the distributed computing method.
It was created in January 8th 2002, founded by Shnal on the Übero project. In there the first AMD Users members started to know each others, and the team began growing in numbers. Shnal, who was learning HTML in college at the time, created a basic website for the team, and bwhite, who was one of the first members of AMD Users, hosted it on his own webspace (amerak.com).
On July 10th 2003, when the team was a year and a half old, the definitive domain was acquired (amdusers.com) and a new and improved php website complete with message boards and other features, was deployed online two days later, by spjeff69, who also took care of its administration and further development until today.
The AMD Users team has always been highly competitive against other teams, and over the years as it grew in size and numbers, it has amassed a large amount of high ranks on the projects statistics, including some world #1 positions. Its members come from all over the world, and several have already been national champions for their home countries, and even world champions, while representing the team.
Nowadays the team has grown to over 2,500 members, over 1,000 of which are registered on the forums, coming from more than 50 different countries contributing computer time to science in over 100 of the distributed computing projects that are available to the general public, as of 2015.

Through out its history AMD Users has achieved many great rankings on many distributed computing projects. The following table shows some of the highest achievements the AMD Users Team has reached on past distributed computing projects.
Top Team Achievements
Year Project Name Rank
 2013  Superdonate 1st 
 2010  Czech National Team Test Project 1st 
 2010  Optimal Solution Finder 1st 
 2009  APS@Home 1st 
 2008  NanoHive@Home 1st 
 2010  UCT : Malariacontrol.net 2nd 
 2008  ABC@Home Beta 2nd 
 2007  Pi Segment 2nd 
 2006  Shoft@Home 2nd 
 2005  XtremLab (first run) 2nd 

The AMD Users Team as a name would mean nothing if it wasn't for its members. Past and present members are here recognized by their contributions to the team, and acknowledged for their personal feats. Following are some of the all-time highest ranked members.
Top Team Members
Country Name Team Champion National Champion World Champion
Australia  vaughan 23 times  15 times  2 times 
USA  Brucifer 6 times  1 times  1 times 
USA  Liuqyn 6 times 
Portugal  NeoGen 5 times  10 times 
USA  Mitchell 4 times 
Australia  AMDave 3 times  3 times 
USA  PoorBoy 3 times  1 times 
USA  bsogard 3 times 
USA  Chaz 3 times 
USA  DMMc 3 times 

The AMD Users administrators continually generate and maintain interest among members and encourage these to try other projects and elevate other areas of science by organizing and holding regular competitions among the membership and from time to time pitting their collective computing power against that of other like minded clubs. Following are some of the competitions that AMD Users has participated in:
AMD Users Competitions
Date Competition Rank
 01/2011  NPLB Rally 2011-01-03 1st 
 08/2010  Goodbye DynaPing! 1st 
 08/2010  Newer Project 1st 
 07/2010  DynaPing Challenge 1st 
 11/2009  YUNA 1st 
 08/2010  YoYo? 2nd 
 04/2010  NPLB Rally 2010-04-30 2nd 
 12/2009  In memory Michal Pavelka - IQE 2nd 
 04/2009  NPLB Rally 2009-04-17 2nd 
 02/2012  NPLB Rally 2012-02-18 3rd 

Beyond Distributed Computing
The AMD Users community is also represented by its members in several other activities and websites not related to Distributed Computing.
Following is a list of some of the known places where our Team members can be found.

Last.fm - AMD Users Last.fm radio

Progress Quest - AMD Users Progress Quest Guild Page

Cafepress - AMD Users memorabilia

MyMiniCity - AMD Users City

Facebook - AMD Users Facebook group

Current BOINC Projects
The AMD Users Team and its members continue to strive daily on a large number of distributed computing projects. The following shows the past and present scores and rankings obtained by the AMD Users Team on projects based on the BOINC platform. The values of the currently running projects change at least daily.

BOINC stats for AMD Users

The information presented on this wiki site was gathered from multiple sources besides the project pages and AMD Users. Our thanks go to the following websites for providing us with valuable information about our Team's history.

Boinc Synergy Stats


Free-DC Stats

Internet Archive

Rechenkraft.net e.V. Wiki

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