DynaPing Challenge

The DynaPing Challenge was the first inter-team challenge proposed on the BOINCstats challenges platform by AMD Users. The proposed challenge project was DynaPing, and lasted seven days, starting at July 16th, 2010 and ending in July 23rd, 2010.


DynaPing Challenge
 Start Date 07/16/2010 
 End Date 07/23/2010 
 Challenge Project DynaPing 
 Number of Teams
 Number of Participants 24 
 AMD Users Final Ranking 1st 
 AMD Users Final Points 88,315 

Individual Member Stats

Pos. Country Name World
 1 Australia  vaughan 1st  26,781 
 2 USA  Nflight 2nd  26,368 
 3 Australia  AMDave 4th  12,661 
 4 USA  Beerknurd 5th  10,531 
 5 USA  Liuqyn 8th  7,920 
 6 USA  bwhite 9th  3,927 
 7 USA  sentient_life 19th  125 

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