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As far as is known, DMMc is...

DMMc's known best World Ranking in a project is #16 on Artificial Intelligence System in 2009.

DMMc's known best Country Ranking in a project is #9 on Artificial Intelligence System in 2009.

Achievements within the Team
 ChessBrain (Stage 3) 16th 
 Find-a-Drug 13th 
 Lifemapper 37th 
 SETI@Home (Classic) 12th 
 D2OL (Phase 1) 23rd 
 Red Library DLV 18th 
 Tiny Key Counter (Unknown) 
 Pi Segment  10th 
 Übero 50th 
 BeWeS MouseTracker  1st 
 Distributed.Net OGR25  3rd 
 Predictor@Home  9th 
 NanoHive@Home  14th 
 Riesel Sieve (BOINC)  2nd 
 XtremLab (second run)  8th 
 Artificial Intelligence System  1st 
 BBC Climate Change Experiment  1st 
 D2OL 48th 
 eOn (First version) 2nd 
 MoneyBee 19th 

Achievements in projects without teams support


AMD Users Competitions
Date Competition Rank
 May 2006  Boinc Championship 2006 (Pharmers) 17th 
 May 2006  Boinc Championship 2006 (Regulars) 21st 
 Mar 2005  Performance Contest 2005 (various) 

Special Achievements


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