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    October again! My home town celebrates the good outcome -for them- of the 1574 siege by the Spaniards. This was all done in the days when we still had city walls with windmills on them. Leftovers, still to be enjoyed: Herring with white bread and Hutspot! Oh, and we got a University for it too.
    Challenge-wise we've got this far:

    October 04 to October 09 - World Animal Day Challenge
    A 5 day Challenge is being offered on PrimeGrid's The Riesel Problem (LLR) application. To participate in the Challenge, please select only the The Riesel Problem (LLR) project in your PrimeGrid preferences section. The challenge will begin 4 October 2014 18:00 UTC and end 9 October 2014 18:00 UTC. Application builds are available for Linux , Windows and MacIntel 32 bit and 64 bit. CPU's with AVX capabilities will be significantly faster than the ones without, as this instruction set allows for more computing power.
    ATTENTION: The primality program LLR is CPU intensive; so, it is vital to have a stable system with good cooling. It does not tolerate "even the slightest of errors." Please see this post for more details on how you can "stress test" your computer. WU's will take ~6 hours on fast/newer computers and 12+ hours on slower/older computers. If your computer is highly overclocked, please consider "stress testing" it. Sieving is an excellent alternative for computers that are not able to LLR. Please, please, please make sure your machines are up to the task.

    PrimeGrid's World Animal Day Challenge forum page

    October 10 to October 13 - Gail Halvorsen Race
    Team ngb:setiteam suddenly, at the last moment, comes with an Enigma@Home challenge. What will the message be?

    Gail Halvorsen Race chat and stats page

    October 10 to October 14 - CRUNCHATHLON GPUGRID [MONTHLY RUN - RACE II]
    For the GPU heavies: Crunchers sans frontieres has a GPUGrid challenge. Used to be -and AFAIK still is- nVidia only, Double Precision -despite what I said earlier- is no prerequisite (but when your nVidia card DOES have double precision in a usable amount it is bound to have very good Single Precision capability -the last Maxwell chips have DP at 1/32(!) of the SP performance...). My GTX 650 just does not cut it though...My GTX 260 did, before it died.

    CRUNCHATHLON GPUGRID chat and stats page

    October 11 to October 16 - The Moon*Shine Challenge
    Those of us with 'normal' GPUs (or CPUs/APUs even) can opt for the Moon*Shine Challenge, as Sicituradastra wants to set AriZonaMoon* in the light by crunching Einstein@Home for her.

    The Moon*Shine Challenge chat and stats page

    October 20 to October 27 - Gerasim@Home october challenge
    Has there ever been a Gerasim challenge before? (YES!) The name suggest something on a regular base...Organized by the jolly Colombians out of the Ukraine, this is their second -the first was in June of this year.

    Gerasim@Home october challenge chat and stats page

    October 31 to November 03 - Adolf von Baeyer Race
    Team ngb:setiteam organizes a World Community Grid challenge to warm-up your CPUs for Seti.Germany's WCG 10th Birthday Challenge.
    Adolf von Baeyer was the guy who discovered -amongst other things- the dye that makes your blue jeans blue. He won the nobelprize for chemistry in 1905.

    Adolf von Baeyer chat and stats page
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    Article Preview

    Everybody back from holidays or vacation? Challenges are awaiting you!
    So far:

    September 09 ...
    by Published on 08-03-2014 01:55 AM     Number of Views: 13553 
    Article Preview

    After the success of the July competitions -AMD Users scored double#1 on both Seti Beta challenges (thanks to B Johansson)- ...

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    WCG News

    Decade of discovery: doubling carbon-based solar cell efficiency
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    ???????????? SAT@home. ???...

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    Dirk Broer

    I may have to shoot my TeraBok (again, I am...

    I may have to shoot my TeraBok (again, I am working on a new one),
    but on the bright side of things: I have expanded my subproject score by adding all my WCG subprojects!
    Here's the FreeDC thread...

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    Get competitive for good with our 10th anniversary challenge
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    Dirk Broer



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    Finally after almost 4 months my next Trigggl has...

    Finally after almost 4 months my next Trigggl has arrived. Now that Beal is back up and running at full strength now it has fulfilled my Triggl. Oh how happy I am! :blob3:

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    Bitcoin Utopia News

    DB maintenance is over
    Database maintenance is over. We hope that the server is now performing well.



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    PrimeGrid News

    PPS MEGA Prime Found!
    On 23 September 2014, 17:30:36 UTC, PrimeGrid’s Mega Prime Search found the Mega Prime: 179*2^3371145+1 The prime is 1,014,819 digits long and enters Chris Caldwell's The...

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    validation pendings
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    Finished the Wiki
    Over the last week we worked hard to finish our wiki for the iGEM competition. Take a look at it, although we started late, we are totally happy with the result.
    On our wiki we...

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    WEP-M+2 News

    12-digit factor of P2203 has now been found by the project...
    ...56186 times


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    Dirk Broer

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5hWWe-ts2s ...


    P.S.: I only hear sound on the left speaker, do you too?

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    Dirk Broer

    It might require a special 'tickle' (setting...

    It might require a special 'tickle' (setting resources sky-high, running it as a sole project on a box, etc.)....

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    Yes 4,264 tasks available but I cannot get any. ...

    Yes 4,264 tasks available but I cannot get any.


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