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    October again, how time flies! What can we do this month?

    October 03 to October 04 - World Space Week Kickoff Challenge
    One specially for Brucifer: World Space Week is officially defined as "an international celebration of science and technology, and their contribution to the betterment of the human condition". It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1999 that World Space Week be held every year from October 4 – 10 to commemorate two events: October 4, 1957: Launch of Sputnik 1, the first human-made Earth satellite and October 10, 1967: The signing of the Outer Space Treaty.
    World Space Week consists of space- and STEM-themed events held by space agencies, aerospace companies, schools, planetariums, museums, astronomy clubs, and more, around the world, during this time. These synchronized space events attract lots of public and media attention, thus spreading awareness for the benefits of space education. In 2015, more than 1,800 events in 73 countries celebrated the benefits of space exploration and technology. The hope is this years theme “Remote Sensing – Enabling Our Future” will inspire even more events around the world.

    Sophie Germain was born on April 1, 1776, in Paris, France. She was an extraordinary "French mathematician who made important contributions to the fields of differential geometry and number theory and to the study of Fermat's Last Theorem." Because of the gender prejudices of the time, her early work was submitted under the pseudonym of M. LeBlanc. Later work was finally submitted under her own name and on 8 January 1816, she became the first woman to win a prize from the Paris Academy of Sciences. While some consider her work lacking in rigor, almost all agree that it was from the lack of a formal education that was denied to her based on her gender.

    The modern view generally acknowledges that although Sophie had great talent as a mathematician, her haphazard education had left her without the strong base she needed to truly excel. Louis Bucciarelli and Nancy Dworsky, Germain's biographers, summarize as follows: “All the evidence argues that Sophie Germain had a mathematical brilliance that never reached fruition due to a lack of rigorous training available only to men."(Wikipedia)

    What better way to pay tribute to Sophie Germain than to find a prime with her namesake. Finding a World Record Sophie Germain prime would be incredible and even more amazing if it was found during the Challenge. Hey, it's possible. NOTE: A twin prime is also possible in this search because of the quad sieve.

    While the Sophie Gemain prime remains elusive, a byproduct of the search are single primes and a fair amount of primes is expected.
    To participate in the Challenge, please select only the Sophie Germain Prime Search (LLR) project in your PrimeGrid preferences section. The challenge will begin 3rd October 2016 18:00 UTC and end 4th October 2016 18:00 UTC. Application builds are available for Linux 32 and 64 bit, Windows 32 and 64 bit and MacIntel. Intel CPUs with AVX capabilities (Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake) will have a very large advantage, and Intel CPUs with FMA3 (Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake) will be the fastest.

    Note that both AVX and FMA3 can also be found on the last generation (since Richmond/Piledriver)
    of AMD CPUs and APUs, but that them jojo's at PrimeGrid will not/can not optimize for AMD CPUs and
    APUs, as e.g. the Lunatics drivers do for Seti@Home.

    Team scores / Individual scores / World Space Week Kickoff Challenge forum page

    October 07 to October 14 - Need Faster Ships, Pirates Ahoy part deux NFS@Home Challenge
    Anguillan Pirates (who live on an island near to the British Virgin Islands, my virtual next-door-neighbours) have issued a NFS challenge.

    Need Faster Ships, Pirates Ahoy - part deux: chat and stats page

    October 08 to October 12 - CRUNCHATHLON PG [MONTHLY RUN - RACE VI]
    This challenge issued by the French team CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES will take place every month at varying dates for four days. All teams are welcome Let us take forward the PrimeGrid project! Keep crunching primes and keep sieving factors! Visit their website: https://www.crunchersansfrontieres.org NB: All PrimeGrid sub projects count.

    CRUNCHATHLON PG VI chat and stats page

    October 10 to October 15 - Silent Moon* Birthday Crunch!
    Sicituradastra seems still alive and have issued a challenge for the too silent -last months- Moon*

    Silent Moon* Birthday Crunch! chat and stats page

    October 13 to October 20 - el otoño de búsqueda de asteroides
    The guys from team Colombia want us for Asteroids@Home.

    el otoño de búsqueda de asteroides chat and stats page

    October 14 to October 19 - Autumn Race
    The guys from team Rechenkraft.net want us -and our cores, preferably all of them- for YAFU.

    Autumn Race chat and stats page

    For the GPU heavies: Crunchers sans frontières have their monthly GPUGrid challenge. Used to be nVidia Double Precision CUDA only, but there's now an OpenCL CPU application too. And they have an AMD GPU application....for Windows only.

    CRUNCHATHLON GPUGRID XXIV chat and stats page

    October 24 to October 28 - CRUNCHATHLON WCG [MONTHLY RUN - RACE XXI]
    This monthly challenge, issued by the French team CRUNCHERS SANS FRONTIERES, takes place every month at varying dates for four days. All teams are welcome
    Let's take forward the World Community Grid project! Keep crunching!, as they say at http://www.crunchersansfrontieres.org (a little knowledge of French can be useful, comprenez-vous?).

    CRUNCHATHLON WCG [MONTHLY RUN - RACE XXI] chat and stats page
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    August gone, September begins! Crunchers sans Frontières are back from vacation, offering their three usual monthly challenges. ...
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    August has hit the calendar, again a traditionally weak challenge month. Everybody is either away on holidays, or planning ...

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